#9 Infinity Riage Massage Chair

Infinity Riage Massage Chair
Forever If you can get over the dealers that you have to deal with, Infinity Riage massage chair can provide you with daily pain relief and deliver you long-term health effects at the same time.

Infinity Riage's approach
● Full-body massage
● Zero-gravity for weightless experience
● Integrated music therapy
● Ample airbags

Satisfy your body, Relax your mind
Infinity Riage will definitely keep you coming back for more massage. As you go through your day, all you will think about is how soon can you get back on the massage chair again.

● Multi-technique massage
● Rubbing, kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu or combinations. If you have seen a massage therapist uses it, Infinity Riage has it.
● Long stroke with L-track rollers.
● The generous 49" stroke of the L-track rollers guarantees that every single square inch of your back will be massaged by the rollers. L-track technology allows the rollers to follow the natural S-curve of the spine.
● Lumbar heat.
● For a more effective massage, the lumbar region is warmed with built-in heat pads.
● Reflexology.
● Multiple airbags and sole massagers for the ultimate foot-pain relief.
● Built-in Bluetooth-compatible music streaming system.
● Convenient Bluetooth-connected music system can stream your favorite music while you enjoy the massage.
● Two-position zero-gravity.
● Slow your heart rate, drop your blood pressure, and calm both the body and the mind.

Infinity Riage has what you are looking for
Everyone wants a better, stress-free, and pain-free life. Unfortunately, most people give up trying to achieve the goal. It doesn't have to be that way. Infinity Riage has what you need to get you there. Not only does it provide you a short-term relief from stress and pain, the spine correction and circulation improvement of the L-track system will help prevent the problems from coming back. Together with the integrated music system, a massage chair feels right at home whether it is in your home spa, home theatre, or both! The four wheel mechanism allows quick moving to a different room. The massage chair can be controlled using the provided remote controller. No smartphone app exists for this model. Air pressure can also be adjusted using the same controller.

Infinity Riage has all the technology you need for a good massage: Long stroke rollers, heat pads, airbags, reflexology and built-in music therapy. The desire to pack in all the features comes with an expensive price tag. Moreover, even with all the foresight of including all the massage modalities, Infinity Riage doesn't include body scanners. This obvious oversight is unforgivable for a massage chair at this price point. The material quality will also leave you wanting more. Additionally, with the price tag of Infinity Riage, one would assume a great customer service. Unfortunately, Infinity doesn't directly sell the massage chair. This leaves the buyers in the hands of smaller dealers who might or might not have the level of service that one would expect. All in all, Infinity Riage is a solid massage chair that is missing some features found in a chair in the same price range.