#8 Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair
Omega Montage Pro massage chair is designed with impressive attention to details that delivers immediate pain relief and relaxing massage. If the price doesn't concern you, ditch your current massage chair and experience the Omega Montage Pro's differences.

Omega Montage Pro's differences
● Full-body massage
● LCD touch screen remote control with a secondary controller for reclined position
● Adjustable footrest for users with different height
● Adjustable air pressure massage system
● Built-in mp3 player system with high-fidelity speakers

A massage chair that actually works
Do you find that your productivity has declined and you always seem to be in a bad mood? You're not alone. Studies show that as we age, our ability to recover from injuries and cope with stress decrease. The natural aging process is further exacerbated by bad postures and poor blood circulation. With stiff joints and aching muscles make it more difficult to achieve maximum happiness.
Thankfully we live in a time where you don't have to idly accept this problem. There are products available today to help you. No more standing by as you feel your body deteriorate through misuses and injuries. You can do something! Omega Montage Pro massage chair is a full feature massage chair that helps to improve your spine alignment in addition to giving a relaxing and effective massage!

● Two zero gravity positions
● Unlike other massage chairs, Omega incorporates two zero-gravity positions for body relaxation and circulation improvement.
● Reflexology
● A built-in foot roller massages the soles of the feet with multi-intensity settings
● Multi-techniques
● Advanced rollers imitate the techniques used by massage therapists, including kneading, pressing, tapping and combinations.
● Built-in MP3 player with high-fidelity speakers
● Combining music therapy with massage therapy
● Air pressure management system
● The air pressure of the airbags can be adjusted to suit your needs.
● LCD touch screen remote control with secondary fingertip control for reclined position
● Easy to read and control touch screen for ease-of-use. A secondary controller is at your fingertips for complete control in reclined position.
● Adjustable footrest
● Footrest can be adjusted up and down to suit users with different height

Omega Montage Pro Massage chair's features make it really stand out in the market. The level of thoughts that went into designing the chair is impressive. From the touch screen control to the airbag pressure measurement, rarely will you find another massage chair that has the same features. However, all the impressive features do come with a hefty price tag. We would have ranked this one higher if there were more customer reviews and if the chair had been made out of higher quality material. In its current form, we suggest buyers shop for a more affordable chair with the same features.