#7 Body Friend President Massage Chair ($8,000)

Body Friend President Massage Chair

The Body Friend President massage chair is accurately named, for it truly is a friend of the body. The chair offers useful features such as heating and zero gravity massage and comes with 16 airbags. In the end, though, its feature content is underwhelming relative to that of other chairs on our list. We're also not fond of its faux leather fabric, which feels cheap and lacks durability.

Are You Ready to Get a Massage?
The Body Friend President massage chair offers a range of basic massage features:

  • 16 airbags
  • Zero gravity massage
  • MP3 player available
  • Range of massage techniques, including kneading and slapping

Stress starts out as a condition that manifests itself as a state of mind, but it can quickly lead to symptoms that show up in the physical body. Massage therapy is the enemy of stress, and this modality has been shown to banish stress and tension and usher in a more relaxed state of mind. With the Body Friend President massage chair, features such as zero gravity massage work to soothe and heal your body from the ravages of stress.

Understanding the Body Friend President massage chair
The Body Friend President massage chair may not offer lots of massage features, but the features that it does offer deliver soothing relief to tired muscles. Zero gravity massage works to take you away from the stresses of daily life and transport you to a place of bliss. The chair's 16 airbags knead and roll away tightness and pain in your muscles.

Body Friend President massage chair features

  • 16 airbags
    The chair's 16 airbags work to deliver a brisk and vigorous massage
  • Zero gravity massage
    Adjust the chair to an angle that simulates zero gravity to enhance the benefits of your massage therapy
  • Range of massage types
    From kneading to slapping, this chair delivers massage types to soothe aching muscles
  • Heat feature
    -Warm things up with the chair's heat feature, which works to deepen the effects of the massage
  • MP3 player
    Enjoy your favorite music as your body is kneaded and massages, thanks to the chair's available MP3 player
  • Auto timer
    Time your massage to suit your preferences with the chair's auto timer
  • Acupressure feature
    Airbags work to tap your acupressure points for a deep and satisfying massage experience

Your Ticket to Massage Therapy
Stress can really do a number on you, but happily, you have options that can work to banish this threat. The Body Friend President massage chair keeps you mellow and chilled with its range of massage features, and the experience is enhanced with the chair's MP3 player. For maximum relaxation, tap this massage chair's heating feature to benefit from warmth that will melt away muscles soreness and stiffness.

The Body Friend President massage chair certainly succeeds as a massage chair for those who are just looking for the most basic massage functions. However, if you're interested in more advanced amenities such as 3D body scanning, this is not the chair for you. It also doesn't strike us as being particularly durable, due to its cheap faux-leather covering. Skip this chair in favor of  a pick on our list that offers a broader array of feature content and more resilient covering.