#6 Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair ($8,000)

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair
The Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair is designed for ease and comfort! If you are looking for a head to toe massage designed to soothe your knots and aches away, this might be the chair for you. However, the chair is missing certain features that you'll find in other chairs on our list.

Are You Ready To Relax?
The Daiwa Legacy massage chair offers features that make a difference:

  • Six pre-set massage programs
  • Bluetooth technology
  • User-friendly remote
  • Full-body massage

If muscle soreness or pain is a regular part of your life, a massage chair can help. A massage can help stimulate blood flow and oxygenate parts of the body that need it the most. All this comes together to provide pain relief that can make a difference in your life. The Daiwa Legacy massage chair delivers a massage that you can customize to suit your body and your needs. Get ready to leave pain behind and step into a life of mellow relaxation!

Understanding the Daiwa Legacy massage chair
The Daiwa Legacy massage chair represents an ideal blend of the ancient and the modern. Massage techniques that have been passed down though generations by Japan's Shiatsu masters have been filtered through the lens of technology. The end result is a chair that's able to deliver a satisfying massage that finds its roots in an old and revered culture.

Daiwa Legacy massage chair features

  • Rocking rotation technology Back-and-forth movement that gives a rocking-chair feeling for complete relaxation
  • Long-stroke roller massage
    Massage rollers offer a 49-inch stroke, from the neck to the gluteus for supreme tension relief
  • -Bluetooth technology
    Wirelessly connect with your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player and listen to music via the chair's built-in speakers
  • Zero gravity
    Set the chair to zero gravity to ease muscle stress and enjoy a weightless sensation
  • Six pre-set massage programs
    Massage choices include Recovery, Extend, Relax, Refresh, Upper Body Auto and Lower Body Auto
  • Back and neck massage
    Focused massage to soothe the back and neck
  • Leg massage
    Leg rollers deliver gentle yet effective leg massage to soothe aching leg muscles

Your Ticket to Total Massage Therapy
Stress is a killer and the less of it you have in your life, the better off you will be. A Daiwa Legacy massage chair can help you banish stress and usher in greater peace and relaxation, and this can work to benefit both your state of mind and your overall health. Still, there are certain features that the chair lacks, and there is one pick on our list that delivers a more complete and satisfying massage experience. We recommend bypassing the Daiwa Legacy for our number one pick, which offers more feature content and a lower price tag.