#2 Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D Massage Chair ($8,000)

Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D
With the Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D massage chair, you get features that are designed to pamper the body. Double-heated rollers use heat to deliver a penetrating massage, and 3D massage technology works from head to toe to provide you with a full-body massage experience that will not disappoint. However, this massage chair lacks amenities that are available on other chairs on our list.

Are You Ready for a Soothing Massage?
Select the Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D massage chair to enjoy the following massage features:

  • Double-heated rollers
  • 8 manual massage chair programs
  • 3D massage technology
  • 5 pre-set massage programs

Older people who are not very mobile can sometimes develop muscle weakness and atrophy. Massage therapy is one way to address this condition, and a massage chair such as the Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D can work to exercise and stretch the muscles in the gentlest way possible. This chair features a Junetsu massage technique that works to loosen and stimulate muscles via ultra-fine kneading.

Understanding the Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D massage chair
The Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D massage chair uses technology to simulate time-tested massage techniques. Reflexology stimulates massage points on your feet to boost blood and energy flow throughout your body. The chair targets acupressure points all throughout your body to soothe tension and increase natural energy.

Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D massage chair features
-Advanced quad-style massage technology
Massage heads deliver four massage styles: Shiatsu, Swedish, fist kneading and grasping

-Arm and palm massage
The arm and palm and kneaded to boost circulation and reduce tension

-Shoulder massage
This feature stimulates your lymph glands to help cleanse and purify the body

-Real Pro Ultra body scanning
With this feature, a virtual map of your back is created to help optimize the massage

-Junetsu massage technique
This technique is a Panasonic exclusive, and works to quickly loosen tight muscles

Massage therapy for the feet, designed to tap reflexology points in ways that benefit the entire body

-Calf massage
Gently squeezes and loosens tight calf muscles, and works to enhance circulation

Your Ticket to Total Pain Free Lifestyle
Massage therapy can work to strengthen and exercise your muscles, and a good massage chair allows you to get these benefits whenever you want them, in the comfort of your home. The
Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D massage chair features airbags and advanced massage settings that work to support and stimulate your muscles while melting away aches and pains.

The Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D massage chair taps new technology to develop a host of useful massage features. Still, there are certain amenities that are lacking, such as Bluetooth or an MP3 player, reflexology foot massagers and a few others.