#1 Medical Breakthrough Series Massage Chairs

Finally, a solution to free you of the pain in your body.
The Medical Breakthrough Series massage chairs are the most advanced, scientifically-engineered massage chairs ever created and will provide you with the most healing experience you will ever have. With the ability to perform a complete massage through nearly every inch of your body, and the ability to perform more types of massages and stretches than any other type of chair, Medical Breakthrough is the #1 massage chair we have ever reviewed. It comes with loads of features including built in Intense Heat Therapy™ for deep tissue back-pain relief, which is extremely popular in high end massage chairs. It is so popular that it's been used all over the world in high end resorts and for good reason. Once you experience the Medical Breakthrough massage, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Let's talk about what you should expect when you get your new massage chair: A full body massage system that works everything from your neck to the bottom of your toes. You’ll experience a Shiatsu Massage just like you were in Japan. The stress will just melt away as you feel a nice soothing massage through nearly every inch of your body.

Medical Breakthrough is so effective, it is one of the most highly recommended chairs to medically relieve neuromuscular pain and provide long term corrections for bad posture. It has over a dozen advanced techniques that have been shown to dramatically distress and improve your blood circulation, which improves your overall health. There's even a medical chart that shows all of the medical benefits that this chair provides.

Medical Breakthrough offers a safe, 100% effective and relaxed deep tissue massage while other massage chairs only reach 80%. Built-in Intense Heat Therapy is about more than just feeling good. There are health benefits to it as well. It dilates blood vessels while increasing oxygen to damaged cells. It also increases the blood flow to them. This means your recovery times will be lessened if you have an injury, which is something a lot of you athletes will appreciate along with elders who need more time to recuperate from injuries.

It has taken more than 36 years of research to develop this chair. Everything about it is designed to simulate what you’d experience if an actual person were giving you a massage. We all know the Japanese are serious when it comes to developing technology. You’ll feel like the masseuse is working over every inch of your body. The chair even features the ability to massage your feet thoroughly, even the tips of your toes. This truly is a whole body experience.

Medical Breakthrough also claims that it is more than just about a relaxing massage. It’s about making sure you’re capable of meeting your daily demands. Not just for yourself, but also for your family. The best way to do that is by making sure you’re not overstressed. As you know, the greatest way of doing that is when you feel great. Now thanks to this chair, a relaxing massage is never far away. It is right in your own home. The days of driving and waiting to get a massage are over with. You can now get a massage in your own home, whenever you feel like having one. Best of all, you'll be blown away with just one use. It's that good.

We receive lots of email from customers saying they have seen dramatic changes in their life and body! Many people have experienced more happiness and much less pain. Thanks to Medical Breakthrough, you'll forget about any pain and stress you have. Created from over 36 years of focused research and testing, Medical Breakthrough contains all of the massage features that have been used for centuries to relieve pain and improve circulations, and placed in one effective and affordable massage chair.


● True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System™.
● Zero Gravity - Zero Gravity Sleep System™.
● Full Body Scan - Smart Full Body Medical Scan™.
● Head to Toe Back Massage System™.
● 3D Massage - True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System™.
● Immediately relieves pains.
● Dramatically improves your posture in the first few uses.
● Helps you have more control over your pain-free life.
● Provides relaxation to all types of bodies.

Experience full relaxation - Every single time you feel like it!
In the modern world, we face stress on a daily basis. We have become less active and have allowed ourselves to have bad postures for hours on end. This fosters neuromuscular pains that won't go away by taking pain killers: Poor gluteal activation, anterior pelvic shifting, weak thoracic region, and compensating forward head tilt.

Without regular massage to correct the problems, the body's movement is limited to the dysfunctions described above. Additionally, without prompt and constant correction, the body might even develop additional dysfunctions to compensate for the ones that you currently have!

After years of clinical research on massaging, Medical Breakthrough has been invented with multi-massage techniques that massage therapists recommend for full body relaxation. After carefully reviewing all the other massage chairs in the industry, we agree with most of our audience and consider Medical Breakthrough to be the best massage experience we can find.

With deep discounts and prices starting at $12,999 and onwards, everyone can now afford to bring a Medical Breakthrough into their very own home.